Board Alchemy

Alchemy is the art and science of transformation

Alchemy: the art and science of transformation

At Board Alchemy, we improve and transform the effectiveness of boards, risk and audit.

What we do

At Board Alchemy, we focus on:

  • board and committee effectiveness
  • audit and risk effectiveness
  • ethics and culture.

The foundations of our work are the combination of our experience and expertise, and our ability to listen and take into account your specific circumstances.

Our understanding and experience of what boards need means that our work with audit and risk has a board-level perspective, and focuses on the needs of their primary stakeholder.  Our work with audit and risk means we have an effective understanding of what a board should expect from its assurance functions.

How we work

The way we work is key to how we add value.

Relationship-driven, not transactional – we aim to build long-term relationships with all our clients.  This helps us to understand better your business and what you do, and helps us support you more effectively. 

Practical, not theoretical – our extensive experience means we know what works, so we set out to make practical suggestions for improvement.  We draw on our own boardroom experience and our work with a wide range of clients.

Simplicity, not complexity – in our experience, complexity is a barrier to getting things done.  We make things straightforward and understandable so that issues, and the actions required to resolve them, are clear and workable.

Insights, not the obvious – our approach is to be thoughtful: to focus on the root cause of an issue, and to think about the alternative ways of achieving the intended outcome that best fits your circumstances and culture. 

Forward-looking, not dwelling on the past – we have an eye on the future and take the time to understand your plans and strategic direction.  Our work assesses fitness-for-purpose and whether you are well placed to deal with changes and challenges you face.

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Audit Alchemy is a trading name of Board Alchemy Limited