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Board review

Board review

Board review

All listed-company boards are required, under the UK Corporate Governance Code, to undertake annual reviews of their effectiveness.  (Most other sector specific governance codes have a similar requirement.)  For larger companies, this review should be externally facilitated every third year.

In undertaking a board review, our objectives are to:

  • deliver a tailored review that brings insight to your board, focusing on the things that matter and taking into account relevant matters of context
  • be forward looking, reviewing your board’s effectiveness with your strategy, culture and good governance in mind
  • draw on our extensive experience and what we have learnt from working with a wide range of other organisations
  • listen and observe, providing a balanced assessment that draws out strengths as well as practical recommendations for improvement
  • bring insight to your board, with practical suggestions to support continuous improvement.

Ultimately, we aim to help your board perform better.  Our board reviews help our clients:

  • make better use of the board’s time – ensuring it focuses on important matters, both inside and outside the boardroom
  • use board skills and experience more effectively – to support the achievement of corporate objectives
  • improve boardroom dynamics and contributions – making board meetings more interesting, enjoyable and productive
  • enhance support for the board – through better information and improved use of committees
  • understand better the needs and expectations of key stakeholders - both internal and external.

We undertake our reviews by engaging effectively with our clients, and making the review an interesting experience for those we meet with.  Our goal is to add value to your board.


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